Understand Your Opponent

Scouting reports should be about refining your game plan, not stressing over how it looks. FastScout lets you create, manage and share professional scouting reports, and leaves the formatting to us.

From NBA to high school players, FastScout has proven to be the best learning and game preparation tool available.  FastScout allows you to create custom scouting reports and game plans – tailored to your players – in order to deliver the information most beneficial to them such as stats, tendencies and personnel matchups.

View a University of Michigan Basketball Scouting Report created with FastScout.

Price: $75/year
Products are subscription-based and renewed annually
Customize Your Data

Easy-to-create custom report templates and flexible report formatting give you complete control over the look, feel, color and style of the critical information that you share with your team. Easily add logos, photos and diagrams to your reports and media guides.

Integrate with FastDraw

Integration with FastDraw allows you to easily include an opponent’s key plays or entire playbook into one organized report!

Keep Your Best Ideas

Use a variety of intuitive search filters to access past reports and insights.

Never Duplicate Efforts Again

Create multiple reports from one set of data, without starting from scratch.

Price: $75/year
Products are subscription-based and renewed annually
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