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FastDraw is the most trusted playbook builder and coaching tool in the game.  The vast majority of professional teams, more than 600 NCAA Division I programs and thousands of high school and youth coaches are already using it - bring the power of the pros to your team today.

Includes access to over 4,000 play diagrams from 50+ Professional & College coaches!

“FastDraw is so easy to use. It’s saved our staff countless hours of prep work, and our printed playbooks have never looked better.”

~John Calipari, University of Kentucky


FastScout Report Builder

Create Professional Quality Print Outs

FastScout is the most powerful report building tool available built specifically for basketball coaches.  Stop trying to shoe horn your needs into Word and PowerPoint templates and start creating reports that look just like what the pros build.

Includes templates for scouting, personnel & team reports plus fan newsletters!

“We use FastScout because it's an effective, easy way to organize our strategy.  We can present important written concepts to our team while also incorporating the visual aspect of FastDraw diagrams.  FastScout is the perfect way to present a winning game plan.” 

~ Muffet McGraw, University of Notre Dame


Inspiration From The Game's Best

With essentially every professional coach using our software we've made it easy for them to contribute, and since they love being able to give back to the game, we have built an incredible collection of coaching resources for you.

New stuff posts every day, so check back often.


Make It Your Own

Gooroo's coaching library is full of thousands of plays, drills, practice plans and other coaching tips - all of which are created with FastModel Sports coaching software.  

This means that everything you see can be saved back to your own playbook and customized to fit your team.


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