FastDraw® Basketball Play Diagramming Software
The Most Trusted Tool in the Game

Save time, get organized, and improve your basketball program with FastDraw

  • Draw professional looking plays faster
  • Create and save unlimited plays & playbooks
  • Share plays & playbooks quickly and easily
  • Organize your plays and playbooks in one place


  • Cloud backup service to protect your library (no more losing plays on paper!)
  • Integrate your plays with FastScout Report Builder
  • Includes Desktop (Mac & PC) and iPad Versions
  • Download over 4,000 plays from our Play Library (you can edit the plays!)
  • Exclusive access to premium plays from elite coaches like George Karl, Richard Pitino, and Tara VanDerveer in the iPad App "Play Bank"

Easy to Use & Customizable

  • Easy to create a clean, professional diagram
  • Quickly sketch your idea on the court, and FastDraw will automatically advance the action to the next frame
  • Customize your court by competition level and court size (half vs. full)
  • Tool smooths out your cut or pass and adds the appropriate action to the end
  • Easily add defenders with one click 

FastDraw is Used By Coaches at All Levels

  • The majority of Professional Teams
  • 600+ NCAA Division I Programs
  • Thousands of High School & Youth Coaches

$74.99 Annually (only $6.24/month)
Includes Mac & PC versions

$89.99 Annually (only $7.49/month)
Includes Mac, PC & iPad versions - 10% Volume Discount

$147.99 Annually (only $12.33/month)
Includes FastScout® - 15% Volume Discount

“FastDraw is so easy to use. It’s saved our staff countless hours of prep work, and our printed playbooks have never looked better.”

- John Calipari, University of Kentucky

"FastDraw has become a crucial component of our program. As a brand new, first year high school with players joining together from eight different schools and coaches coming from three different programs, FastDraw has been absolutely essential in getting everyone on the same page. 

- Coach Brett Campbell, St. Charles High School

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