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Basketball Play - Iowa State Drag Hi-Lo

Iowa State Drag Hi-Lo

Daniel Murphy 05/02/2014

Play from Iowa State Coach Hoiberg. Drag screens are a great way to put pressure on the defense. These options allow the offense to continue flowing if the defense fronts the low post on the hi-lo. On 5's hand off with 1, 2 will lift out of the corner, known as a "shake". For spacing purposes 4 goes to the short corner on 5's roll. See More

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Basketball Play - ATL Horns Flare

ATL Horns Flare

Daniel Murphy 04/28/2014

Atl initiated this Horns play with the same transition staggered screen. This time the the passer recieved a flare screen on the weakside instead of following for the strong side pindown. Because x3 chased the flare screen x4 and x1 both helped on o3 opening up the corner 3 for o1 See More

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Basketball Play - ATL Horns Cross

ATL Horns Cross

Daniel Murphy 04/27/2014

Atlanta stole a layup on this play against the Pacers in Game 4. A vareity of actions can be run out of a high post entry in the Horns set, but the fundamentals of cutting and passing can never be underestimated as illustrated by this give and go. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Dribble

UNC Dribble

Daniel Murphy 02/08/2014

An option out of the Carolina break. If the ball can't be reversed to the trailer the pg can use the trailer as a screener and set up a 2 man game on one side of the floor with a stagger on the weak side of the floor. When running secondary breaks it helps to be able to run offense from both sides of the floor. See More

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