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Basketball Play - Denver Nuggets - Zip 2 Angle Hammer

Denver Nuggets - Zip 2 Angle Hammer

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

This action is a wrinkle on the popular NBA Hammer action by flooding the strong side with movement and screens. Most zipper actions are run to swing the ball across sides of the floor, so help defense will particularly fall into the trap after the zipper screen when the action returns to that strong side. That allows the hammer to be run to perfection. And with sharpshooter Danilo Gallinari as a screener, there's little opportunity to give help away from him. The Sixers help off Will Barton in the corner instead, and that allows Gallinari to get to the rim for the dunk! See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors - Flash X Side Elevator

Golden State Warriors - Flash X Side Elevator

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

There's essentially no way to defend Stephen Curry when he runs all over the court like he does in this play. The attention that Thompson gets on the X-cut is enough to score off of an action with Curry. But when the ball skips to the opposite side and Curry cuts under Draymond Green to the baseline, it is natural for the defender to want to get between Curry and the ball -- only allowing him to get screened as Steph goes through the elevator. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor

Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

BLOB, or baseline out of bounds, plays are wonderful opportunities for a backdoor action because the defense gets sucked close to their man as they deny a pass towards the rim. Georgetown's John Thompson drew up this great set to get a backdoor out of a baseline inbound situation, sucking the entire defense away from the rim in order to do so. Thompson isolates the man guarding the inbounder as well, turning him into the help defender on a backdoor. As many coaches know and communicate to their players, the offensive player inbounding the ball is always dangerous once the ball gets inbounded. By paying too close attention to the inbounder, a defensive team will have no help at the rim on a backdoor cut. See More

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Basketball Play - Bulls Lob Go-Ricky

Bulls Lob Go-Ricky

Adam Spinella 03/29/2016

Fred Hoiberg ran this re-screen action for a three pointer late in the Bulls-Hawks game on March 28th. It's a play with a re-screen (or go-ricky) above the level of the ball, a difficult action to defend for a shooter. It's a wrinkle off an old Brad Stevens inbound play. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas Flex 1-4 Low

Kansas Flex 1-4 Low

Adam Spinella 03/17/2016

Kansas coach Bill Self runs a Flex action out of 1-4 low formation when the ball is under their own bucket. Help defense on the first Flex screen is rarely in good position when the ball is inbounded underneath, and the man guarding the inbounder can get too attached to the inbounder. It's a great way to get into Flex, especially with other inbound plays out of a 1-4 low package See More

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Basketball Play - Nuggets Horns Flare

Nuggets Horns Flare

Adam Spinella 02/19/2016

The Denver Nuggets have a great asset in Danilo Gallinari as a stretch-4. Coach Michael Malone uses him well, and this Horns set is one way in which he does. By flaring the ball screener like Gallinari, it opens up the lane completely for a drive or a slip if they pay too much attention to Gallo. See More

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Basketball Play - Bulls Pitch Backscreen Lob

Bulls Pitch Backscreen Lob

Adam Spinella 01/29/2016

Fred Hoiberg has run the pitch series for several years, both at Iowa State and now with the Chicago Bulls. Because teams will often sag off the trailer when he has the ball, it makes him the perfect candidate to throw a lob pass. The Bulls run the play to get Jimmy Butler an alley oop with all the extra attention he gets on the perimeter. See More

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