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Basketball Play - Spead Series - Floppy

Spead Series - Floppy

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 11/08/2017

Iberostar Tenerife Coach Txus Vidoretta runs a creative use of 5 Out, Lithuania Break to enter Floppy. With every action in the Spread Series, if there is no advantage, it flows straight into a Spread Ball Screen. In this case, running the full action means the defender on the screen is late to hedge and the on-ball defender cheats under - leading to an instant re-screen and a dunk for the roll man. See More

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Basketball Play - Spread Series - Flow

Spread Series - Flow

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 11/01/2017

Iberostar Tenerife 2016/17 - Coach Txus Vidoretta. One of the most destructive Offenses in Europe! From a 5 Out Spread Set, Tenerife used Flow Actions to get shots at the rim, hit the roller and kick out 3's. This set is a great way to maximise talent as it get's everyone involved, involves all 5 players moving, multiple screening actions, Dribble Handoofs, ball reversal and offers multiple scoring opportunities. See More

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