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Basketball Play - Alba Berlin - Horns Shuffle Screen SPNR ATO

Alba Berlin - Horns Shuffle Screen SPNR ATO

Roberto Fois 03/10/2021

ATO from ALBA Berlin vs Ratiopharm ULM (7th of March 2021). ATO to start the 3rd Quarter, 46-38 for ULM. Set used for a team with a high skilled 4, good both as a post player or a shooter. The Side Pick'n Roll can be easily a Pick'n Pop. Very Important the little wrinkle of the Pierce Cut, to use especially if you have a big strong guard. FastModel's biggest offer of the year for new subscribers! Use code at checkout: MARCHMADNESS See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State Shuffle Post

Iowa State Shuffle Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/02/2013

Fred Hoiberg has turned around the fortunes of the Iowa State Mens Basketball program in a short amount of time His experiece in the NBA is evident in the sets they run This is a nice Post Iso action for the 5 man run out of transition with the 5 man initiating the action with the dribble flip pass entry to the PF The Shuffle Screen outside the lane sets up the post entry pass from the wing or the STS action can yield an open 3 pt shot off the FT line screen action Iowa State is a team on the rise this year and their statement win over Michigan proves that fact! See More

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Basketball Play - Gamecock Spread

Gamecock Spread

Adam Spinella 09/13/2013

Frank Martin and the South Carolina Gamecocks use this basic motion format at times as part of their "Spread" attack. The Gamecocks usually play with four guards under Martin, although the motion sets itself okay if the 4 is also a big man. The idea of the offense isn't to penetrate the defense through dribbling, but through getting an overload on one side in order to clear the opposite for a two-man game. See More

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Basketball Play - Cutter


Alan Peel 09/04/2013

Cutter is a sideline inbounds play designed to run shuffle action off of zipper action. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-4 Euro

1-4 Euro

Adam Spinella 07/15/2013

This play out of a 1-4 High set is one of my favorite quick-hitting sets, particularly in the end of a game. It draws up a quick three-pointer for a stretch 4 and an opportunity for a slipped layup at the rim. It's simple enough to be run at a variety of levels, provided your team has a solid decision-maker and passer who can play the wing. See More

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