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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

Matt Wheeler 06/08/2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers ran this play down 3 with 12.9 seconds left in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. With no timeouts left, the Cavaliers were looking for a three point shot. This play provided two options at it, but both were defended well by the Warriors. The Cavaliers subbed out Kyle Korver on this possession but he wouldn't have been an option. They were looking for Kyrie (1) or LeBron (3) See More

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Basketball Play - Doornekamp Action STS BLOB

Doornekamp Action STS BLOB

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 08/04/2018

Nice set using Basketball Immersion's "Doornekamp Action" - a term for fake lifting for the safety pass and then cutting basket cutting, as 4 does in this set. Use a shooter as the back screener and clear the lane by placing 5 in the ball side corner and lifting the wing out of the weak side corner. This set works for all ages and abilities, and should result in an open shot or a switch to attack. See More

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