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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks - 3 Up BLOB

Atlanta Hawks - 3 Up BLOB

Lucas Shapiro 03/08/2016

Baseline out of bounds plays with the same formation and multiple looks can be lethal. This set is simple. The shooting guard has to read the defense. If the defense is overplaying them, they can cut to the hoop for an easy layup. Otherwise, this set should be an easy way to get an open three-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger

Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 02/29/2016

Head Coach Lon Kruger has a gem in Buddy Hield this year and his line-up is also fortunate enough to have good Senior leadership. The Sooners are 2nd in the nation in 3 pt shooting % at .426 (10.5 makes per game behind the arc) Isaiah Cousins a versatile guard who can both shoot and handle the ball, Hield (2nd in the nation in scoring at 25.4 ppg), and Ryan Spangler one of the hardest working big men in the nation (top 50 in rebounding at 9.5 rpg.) This double stagger action was run against Kansas to get Hield a look. Hield reads the defense perfectly, cuts up the gut and as the help defender runs at him, he makes the perfect extra pass to Woodard in the corner for the open 3 pt shot. The Sooners have been fun to watch this season and as we head into the BIG 12 & NCAA Tournament, it will be interesting to see how far they can go. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics "Flip Flare"

Boston Celtics "Flip Flare"

Gibson Pyper 02/26/2016

Another set that uses Boston's versatility very well with their big men's shooting ability. When they need a 3 point shot they usually run this action in which a big receives a pass, flips it back to the guard right away and then receives a flare screen for a look from 3. I like the options this set offers in which the guard who receives the flip back can attack right away, this can draw the big man's defender in, and then look to hit the big off the flare for an open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls - DHO Flare

Chicago Bulls - DHO Flare

Lucas Shapiro 02/23/2016

Combining a dribble handoff with a weak side flare screen is a dangerous combination, especially when Doug McDermott is having a career night shooting the ball. The dribble handoff shifts the defense into help and the weak side flare screen takes advantage of this shift to get a shooter an open look. See More

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Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Playbook

Dr. Dish Playbook

FastModel Sports 01/10/2016

To send the Playbook to your FastDraw, click the "Send to FastDraw" button above. After you enter the email address you use in FastDraw, click FastTrade, at the top of FastDraw, and open your FastTrade Manager. Find the new message, put a checkmark next to it, and click "Add to Library." You can download the PDF of the playbook here See More

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Basketball Play - Shuffle - Double Stagger Action

Shuffle - Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 11/14/2015

Gregg Marshall has taken the Wichita State Shockers Men's Basketball program to new heights since his arrival 9 years ago. In those 9 years, he has compiled a record of 204-76 including 95-15 over the last 3 years which saw the Shockers play in a Final 4. This is a nicely designed play to get the mutli versatile Ron Baker either a post-up action or a chance to utitlize his tremendous shooting ability coming off a double stagger screen. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 Line Lay-ups

3 Line Lay-ups

Wes Kosel 08/26/2015

This is a 3 line lay-up drill that we used as a warm-up for almost every practice and pre-game routine when I was an assistant at TLU. This was a staple for our basketball program, and we used it to get the players’ bodies ready for practices or games and also to get the players focused for the practice or game ahead. It starts aiming for 55 each side, and increases the number throughout the season. This drill is great at getting your players to move, talk, and to execute. Any missed lay-ups, dropped passes, or mistakes filling lines can result in not reaching the goal. Emphasis: • Move the ball without passing • Sharp passes (do not float passes) • Finishing lay-ups • Communication (we require the players to say the name of the teammate that they are passing to or receiving a pass from) Set-up: • 3 Lines • 2 basketballs • Basketball in either the right or left line (this doesn’t matter, because the drill will switch sides half way through) Rules: • The ball should never hit the ground (no dropped passes and no dribbling) • Don’t leave early from the lines (players will tend to leave early for passes to reach the goal in the allotted time) • Always rotate to the LEFT, whether we are shooting from the right or left side • 6:00 minutes on the clock • Start with a goal of 55 on each side (players switch the drill once they reach 55, ideally close to 3:00 minutes left) Execution: Frame 1: The ball starts in the left line. 1 passes to 2. Once the pass is made to 2, both 1 and 3 can start cutting to the wings. This is where players will begin leaving early (usually the players in the far line opposite the ball). 2 passes to 3 at the wing, and then 2 runs straight up the floor into the lane. Frame 2: 3 passes to 1 for a lay-up. 3 then cuts to the opposite side of the floor for an outlet pass. After shooting the lay-up, 1 clears out to the opposite side of the floor from which he started. 2 follows the shot for the rebound (the ball shouldn’t hit the floor!). At this time, the 2nd ball would have started (Player 4 passing to 5), but for the diagram I left this out. Frame 3: 2 passes to 3, and then clears out the opposite side of the pass. Players will tend to want to follow the pass. 3 passes to the next player in the 1st line (left side of the floor), and the drill starts over again. Players 1, 2, and 3 should then rotate to the next line to the left of where they started. See More

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Basketball Play - Continuity Zone Offense - Rotation

Continuity Zone Offense - Rotation

Daniel Murphy 08/24/2015

This is 1-3-1 continuity zone offense used against a 2-3 zone defense. Against a zone defense offenses can become stagnant with a lack of player and ball movement. This rotation continuity allows an offense to keep flowing and have players cutting and move the ball side to side. As the ball is moved side to side players should look to drive gaps and score or make plays for teammates. Against an even front zone defense it's good to have an odd front zone offense and against an odd front zone defense it's good to have an even front zone offense. Against a zone defense it's important to "leave an area, replace an area" and reverse the ball (Hubie Brown). Cutting from behind the defense is also hard for a zone defense to guard. The 1-3-1 zone offense continuity rotation allows the offense to execute these key principles. Skip passes and screening the inside and outside of the zone are also effective. Dribble penetration vs. the zone defense is key to breaking the defense down. Driving gaps and making 2 defenders play 1 offensive player creates scoring opportunities for the offense. Pass fakes are another key to use against a zone defense. The pass fake can freeze or shift the zone. Two other important keys to beating zone defenses are to fast break and beat the zone before it's set and offensive rebound because defenders are guarding a man in their zone and are not always guarding the same man. An offensive player can be in one zone when a shot is taken but as the ball is in flight can move to a different zone, making blocking out more challenging for a defender. If a zone is overloaded on the weakside and a shot is taken from the strong side there is an offensive advantage on the weakside rebound. Also against a zone it's easier for perimeter players to rebound because their could be more offensive players on the perimeter and zone defenders near the basket don't have a man in their zone when a shot goes up. Using quick hitters in addition to a continity is a great strategy vs. zones. Quick hitters allow the offense to know who will be shooting the ball and from what spot. Coach Izzo from Michigan St. has some great quick hitters out of the 1-3-1 alignment that work well with the 1-3-1 zone continuity "Rotation." See More

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