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Basketball Play - Double Cross Screen Post Up

Double Cross Screen Post Up

Basketball HQ 09/02/2012

This is great for a player with a size or strength mismatch on his defender. If you can’t get the ball on the block right away look to the high post for the post feed. Don’t go away from the post up too quickly. The deeper the catch the easier it will be to finish the play. Don’t make the post man wait on the ball, give it to him right when he is open. See More

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Basketball Play - Dribble Handoff 2

Dribble Handoff 2

Scott Peterman 08/28/2012

Today's Set Play from Men's Basketball Hoopscoop is a National Champion "University of Kentucky" Dribble Handoff Set play. This set play is a great mis-direction set for Dribble Drive Motion Offense. It's a great play even if you don't run Dribble Motion Offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Back Screen/Down Screen

Double Back Screen/Down Screen

Basketball HQ 08/28/2012

This set was run by the Chicago Bulls in the 2006-2007 season. This set is designed to get a lay up for your post player or a three point shot for your point guard. In this screen the screener action, your point guard will have to head hunt and set a good screen on 4's man, in order to get a wide open shot. See More

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