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Basketball Play - Quick Double

Quick Double

Kyle Gilreath 03/09/2013

Michigan State also ran this great half-court action Thursday night vs Wisconsin. Tim Izzo does a great job using different motions to get numerous results out of his plays. What I love about this play initially you get the defense so caught up on the backscreen that it makes it even more difficult to guard the stagger. See More

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Basketball Play - Yo-Yo Post Set

Yo-Yo Post Set

Randy Brown 03/08/2013

This popular play will produce baskets by getting the ball inside to your best post scorer. The spacing on this play is excellent as 4 and 5 execute the Yo-Yo action using down screen and back screen. Use this as a quick hitter or ATO for post score. See More

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Basketball Play - Flood Action for 2 Man

Flood Action for 2 Man

Randy Brown 03/03/2013

Flood is a quick hitter that can produce a jump shot or quick post feed. Flood means that three players will get to one side of the floor; right side, in a quick manner. This will put 2 alone on left side so he can take advantage of 5's hard down screen. Timing and floor positioning are important. This play will yield a quick basket most of the time. Give it a try. See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

Randy Brown 02/18/2013

If you run the High-Low motion offnese, this drill is manatory. It combines several key skills; cutting, passing, sealing, offensive post moves, shooting, and weak side sealing. The key element is to teach the high post player to dive to the rim and dominate the weakside when the ball is entered to his teammate. In anticipation of the shot, the opposite post positions himself in a weakside seal to guarantee the rebound on a miss. This is a very competitive drill that will help your half court offense immensely. See More

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Basketball Play - Washington Huskies Elbow Set

Washington Huskies Elbow Set

Dana Beszczynski 02/15/2013

Washington Huskies Coach Lorenzo Romar has a lot of experience working with some of the best big men in the game and this set is a good one run for the son of former NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp Shawn Kemp Jr. at 6'9 255 pounds does a good job of sealing his man in the paint using his size and strength to receive the pass in a good position to score See More

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