Lancer Post Fist - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Teams with post players that need to get their touches have to be creative about how they get the ball into the post. In Post Fist, the action starts on one side, completely clears the area, and then allows the post player to enter the recently vacated space and post up.

  • Basketball Play - Lancer Post Fist
  • Basketball Play - Lancer Post Fist
  • 5 sets downscreen for 3, who sets a ball screen for 1. 5 then sets a post-cross for 4, and flashes high post opposite the ball. Both players involved in the initial screening action will then go and set another screen.

  • Post Iso for 4. 3 rubs off 5 on the backside and 2 raises. 5 tries to pin on x2 so 2 can get a three pointer open at the top)