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Basketball Play - Turkey - PNR Twist Floppy

Turkey - PNR Twist Floppy

Matt Wheeler 09/10/2019

The Turkish National Team ran this play early in their overtime game againt Team USA to set up Cedi Osman for three-point shot to give them the lead. Turkey had previously run the PNR twist action with two ball screens for their point guard. This time they went into a floppy action after the ball screens, with 2 screening for 3 under the rim and 4 and 5 setting down screens for both wing players for a shot. See video clip below. Base Play: PNR Twist See More

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Basketball Play - Team USA - Swing DHO Floppy vs Zone

Team USA - Swing DHO Floppy vs Zone

Matt Wheeler 09/09/2019

Team USA basketball faced a zone defense for much of their game against Turkey in the FIBA World Cup. They were down 1 late in overtime and ran this play to get a shot for Joe Harris (3) off of some movement. This is a common play that Gregg Popovich uses with the Spurs against man defense. They made some adjustments to run this as an effective play against Turkey's 2-3 zone defense. 1 reversed the ball to 5. Then 5 went into a dribble handoff with 2. but didn't need to set a good screen on x2. This allowed x2 to get through the screen and shift out of the wing area to matchup with 2 up top. 5 then screened x4 on the outside of the zone to get 3 open. This essentially forced Turkey to matchup man to man with x4 having to guard 3. x4 trailed on the screen and 3 was able to turn the corner on the catch and drive to the basket. See More

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