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Basketball Play - Continuity Zone Offense - Rotation

Continuity Zone Offense - Rotation

Daniel Murphy 08/24/2015

This is 1-3-1 continuity zone offense used against a 2-3 zone defense. Against a zone defense offenses can become stagnant with a lack of player and ball movement. This rotation continuity allows an offense to keep flowing and have players cutting and move the ball side to side. As the ball is moved side to side players should look to drive gaps and score or make plays for teammates. Against an even front zone defense it's good to have an odd front zone offense and against an odd front zone defense it's good to have an even front zone offense. Against a zone defense it's important to "leave an area, replace an area" and reverse the ball (Hubie Brown). Cutting from behind the defense is also hard for a zone defense to guard. The 1-3-1 zone offense continuity rotation allows the offense to execute these key principles. Skip passes and screening the inside and outside of the zone are also effective. Dribble penetration vs. the zone defense is key to breaking the defense down. Driving gaps and making 2 defenders play 1 offensive player creates scoring opportunities for the offense. Pass fakes are another key to use against a zone defense. The pass fake can freeze or shift the zone. Two other important keys to beating zone defenses are to fast break and beat the zone before it's set and offensive rebound because defenders are guarding a man in their zone and are not always guarding the same man. An offensive player can be in one zone when a shot is taken but as the ball is in flight can move to a different zone, making blocking out more challenging for a defender. If a zone is overloaded on the weakside and a shot is taken from the strong side there is an offensive advantage on the weakside rebound. Also against a zone it's easier for perimeter players to rebound because their could be more offensive players on the perimeter and zone defenders near the basket don't have a man in their zone when a shot goes up. Using quick hitters in addition to a continity is a great strategy vs. zones. Quick hitters allow the offense to know who will be shooting the ball and from what spot. Coach Izzo from Michigan St. has some great quick hitters out of the 1-3-1 alignment that work well with the 1-3-1 zone continuity "Rotation." See More

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Basketball Play - Baseline (3-low)

Baseline (3-low)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

We start by forming a triple stack on either block with our player being guarded M2M on top. To initiate the action, the point guard uses a freeze dribble to attack the top defender in the box and the players forming the stack set a double screen on the low box defender and the middle guard looks to pop out to shooting range. If the bottom of the zone shifts out quickly to defended the short corner/corner shot, the ball side post immediately screens away and brings weak side post across the hoop for a baseline bounce pass. If nothing develops on this action a quick pass to the point guard followed by a ball screen by the guarded player and the action can be run to the other side. If at anytime the bottom box defender anticipates the corner pass, the point guard can ball fake and immediately hit the post player slipping the screen on the block. You can also run this play with your player being guarded M2M as the baseline runner. See More

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Basketball Play - Washington Wizards "Rip Double"

Washington Wizards "Rip Double"

Gibson Pyper 05/14/2015

Another quick hitter from the Wizards game in Game 4 to get Paul Pierce an easy layup. As the ball is brought up on the wing, Beal sets a "Rip" screen for Pierce and then comes off a double screen. Because of the shooting ability of Beal, he frees up Pierce by screening and then cutting off a double screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Thumbs Down 25"

Cleveland Cavaliers "Thumbs Down 25"

Gibson Pyper 05/07/2015

David Blatt has been adding new sets almost every game this year with wrinkles off of them. A set that he has run all year with Kevin Love spacing was "Thumbs Down." This set had the bigs cross low and Love would space to the corner, while other big set a high ballscreen for the ballhandler. This series against the Bulls they have ran similar action, only with the shooting guard setting a downscreen for the 5 man and pops to the wing, the big man sets a high ballscreen, in this case, for Kyrie Irving to attack. See More

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Basketball Play - L.A. Clippers 4 Pop

L.A. Clippers 4 Pop

Craig LeVasseur 04/16/2015

Another set out of the Mike D’Antoni playbook, 4 Pop is designed for a shooting 4. While Blake Griffin has improved his midrange jumper each year, the main advantage of this set is putting Blake 1 on 1 against his usually slower defender at the top of the key. His driving ability makes this play an ideal Slice counter for the Clippers, and an option that the Celtics likely would not have been able to utilize with KG. A clear side P/R with Blake and CP3 is also a great 2nd option to have. See More

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Basketball Play - Shocker Stagger

Shocker Stagger

Wes Kosel 04/08/2015

Here is a multiple stagger set play from Wichita State. The play starts with an entry pass to the wing and a back-screen for the point guard. As the point cuts into the lane, 4 moves to the ball-side block looking for the post up. The first staggered screen is then set getting the shooting guard the ball at the top of the key. If no shot is available, 5 and 2 play a pick-and-roll as 3 cuts off of a baseline staggered screen to the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Wichita State Stack Spread P/R ATO

Wichita State Stack Spread P/R ATO

Craig LeVasseur 03/27/2015

Another excellent play from the Wichita State playbook, this coming late in the 2nd half against Notre Dame. It's a double high ballscreen, with 5 setting first and a shooting 3 setting the second screen. In defending this play, because x3 stays attached to his man, x5 has to stop penetration and x2 has to pull in to bump 5 on the roll. This leaves the 2 open in the corner for a throwback 3, which was no problem for a talented PG like VanVleet to find. See More

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Basketball Play - Cincinnati Pick and Roll Set

Cincinnati Pick and Roll Set

David Taylor 03/24/2015

Cincinnati ran this set multiple times against Purdue. Cincinnati ran this down by 4 with 8:58 remaining in the second half, their point guard penetrated off the side ball screen and pitched to the shooting guard for a catch and shoot rhythm 3 pointer. Cincinnati ended up winning this game to advance to the third round. See More

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Basketball Play - Gonzaga Double Follow PNR

Gonzaga Double Follow PNR

Gibson Pyper 03/21/2015

Gonzaga runs this set for a HI PNR for their shooting guard. I like this set and it works because it keeps the defense moving, and has a stretch 4 spread the floor after freezing his man. Kevin Pangos being an elite 3 point threat is on the wing to prevent any weakside help, and having 3 shooters spacing the floor allows the PNR to be effective. See More

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Basketball Play - Davidson Sets

Davidson Sets

Andrew Lacey 03/21/2015

Davidson is one of the best perimeter shooting teams in the NCAA Tournament. The do a great job of screen for the 3 and then putting pressure on the basket at the same time by using cuts away from the ball and slipping screens. Here is a little action they use in the first half against Iowa to get a easy lay-up and decent perimeter looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Belmont Slip

Belmont Slip

Gibson Pyper 03/20/2015

Belmont ran Pindown DHO action to open the game for the first couple of sets. On the first set, it was a quick shot. The next set they ran it into a high ballscreen, but because of Belmont's great 3 point shooting at almost every position the floor was spread. The player setting the high ballscreen noticed his defender was over helping and so he sprinted to the rim quickly for a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Ole Miss Horns PNR

Ole Miss Horns PNR

Wes Kosel 03/18/2015

NCAA Tournament First Four: Here is a play from Tuesday night's game between BYU and Ole Miss. The Rebels did a good job of getting into the paint and shooting the open shot or passing off to the open post players cutting to the basket. In this play, Ole Miss sets up in a horns set and the point guard takes the ball to the right off of the screen from 4. The point guard looks first to turn the corner and score or create a mid-range shot. If nothing is open, he has 4 rolling to the basket and 5 popping out. If 1 passes to 5, 5 passes to 3 on the wing and follows his pass directly into a wing pick & roll. The Rebels had great success with actions like this getting into the paint with their quick guards. If 3 doesn't have a shot, he looks to draw the defenders into help so that he can pass off to one of the post player for an easy dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Bulls Mirotic Pin

Bulls Mirotic Pin

Adam Spinella 03/07/2015

Today's Play of the Day is from Tom Thibodeu and the Chicago Bulls, a set they've run for Nikola Mirotic. Chicago has employed two true big man lineups during the Thibodeau era, so having a shooting big man like Mirotic is something new for the team. As such, Thibodeau's playbook has expanded, and now features some nice sets for a shooting big man. See More

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