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Basketball Play - Celtic 2

Celtic 2

John Leonzo 12/16/2013

Here is a play that the Celtics ran a little while back to get a basket against the Heat with little time left on the clock. Almost all of the action is false with the intent to get the 5 man to seal his defender to the outside so that a lob can be thrown over the top to the side of the floor where there is no help. This is a great play to run with little time left! See More

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Basketball Play - Side Quick Twist

Side Quick Twist

Kyle Gilreath 11/09/2013

Last night I tweeted that Doc Rivers is one of the greatest ATO coaches of all time; this play is a big reason why. He drew up this play during a timeout late in the 4th quarter versus the Miami Heat. This play is so effective, yet very simple to run and provides multiple scoring opportunities. As 1 (CP3) received the dribble hand-off from 4 (Griffin), he has 3 main options: 1. Pull-up jumper or attack the rim 2. Drive and force X3 to help and kick out to 3 for a catch & shoot 3. Drive and look to kick out to 2 in the corner if X2 rotates to the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - ATO Need 3

ATO Need 3

Kyle Gilreath 11/02/2013

Last night the Miami Heat were down 4 versus the Brooklyn Nets at the end of the game and Erik Spoelstra drew up this action to get Lebron James a quick catch & shoot 3-ptr. Lebron made the shot but it wasn’t enough as the Heat fell to the Nets in Brooklyn’s home opener for the season. See More

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Basketball Play - Stack Loop

Stack Loop

Kyle Gilreath 11/01/2013

Last night at the end of regulation versus the Orlando Magic, Rick Adelman drew up this play to get Kevin Love a 3-pointer to force overtime. This play is very simple and effective to run. However, what made it even more effective was that X4 never even moved (which I didn’t understand) and led to an uncontested 3-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle Down

Triangle Down

Kyle Gilreath 10/24/2013

The Miami Heat ran this action versus the Pelicans Wednesday night to get Chris Anderson an easy dunk at the rim. As 1 was screening for 3, the defense became very oppupied with defending Wade (not seeing the ball). Furthermore, X2 and X5 did not communicate and both ended up on 2, leaving 5 wide open rolling to the rim with no helpside. See More

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Basketball Play - America's Play Reverse

America's Play Reverse

Kyle Gilreath 10/23/2013

While the head coach of the New Jersey Nets, Lawrence Frank ran this sideline out of bounds play at the end of a game in a Need 3 situation. Most of us are aware of the box screen the screener (stagger) that is referred to as America's play because everyone in American runs it. Well this action is a small tweak to the play in the event the defense tries to switch the 2-3 screen, this forces X2 and X3 to trail in both situations. See More

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Basketball Play - Short Clock ATO

Short Clock ATO

Kyle Gilreath 09/27/2013

With 3.9 seconds left in Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs ran this play at the end of the 2nd overtime to defeat the Golden State Warriors. X1 was able to trail the screens and stay attached to Parker. Unfortunately X5 was unaware and doubled Parker. Forcing X2 to drop and protect the rim, leaving the skip to Ginobili wide open for a 3-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - France ATO Cross

France ATO Cross

Dana Beszczynski 09/23/2013

France ATO SLOB Play vs Lithuania in the European Championship Final This play was called by the French after a timeout Batum & Parker cross and at the same time Diot comes in behind to receive the pass from Diaw for the 3 pt shot as time expires ending the 1st half. France goes into the locker room with a 16 pt lead. The play developed for France after a Lithuania was not able to hold for the last shot and committed a turnover. See More

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