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Basketball Play - Curl Shooting Drill

Curl Shooting Drill

Dymetrius Ware 09/15/2018

Game speed passing and shooting drill coming off curls. Make sure the shooters are coming off with hands and feet ready. Passers must make good direct passes to the shooter for a clean catch and shoot. However, consider this idea: Mix it up with one set of all bad passes to rep catching and shooting imperfect passes. See More

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Basketball Play - Run Out Shooting 1v1

Run Out Shooting 1v1

null null 09/13/2018

Drill Description - Player 1 starts with the ball at the free throw line. - Player 2 starts parallel with player 1 spaced out free throw line extended. - The drill is initiated with player 1 passing the ball to coach. - Once the ball is pass to coach, player 1 is sprinting below the cone to try and run player 2 off the 3 point line preventing them from a rhythm 3. - As the ball is passed, player 2 is drifting to the corner being shot ready. - The ONLY shot the player can shoot is a catch & shoot 3 - If the player makes the shot, they stay on offense. - First player to make 4 3's. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 NBA Shooting Drills

5 NBA Shooting Drills

null null 09/12/2018

Here are 5 of my favorite shooting drills that I like to use in workouts with my players. They are challenging, competitive, and fun helping players become more efficient shooters. Try them out! Click here for more player development drills from Mike Shaughnessy Mike Shaughnessy x FastModel Sports - Twitter Takeover See More

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Basketball Play - Run Out Shooting 1v1

Run Out Shooting 1v1

null null 08/27/2018

Having players that can knock down shots is obviously a huge advantage for any team. The more players a team has that are high percentage shooters, the better that team will be on the offensive end of the floor. It's not just about making the shots when they are wide open, but also being able to make shots without being distracted by a defender attempting to run a shooter off the 3pt line. This drill is a great way to add that defensive element to make your shooting drills more game-like for players. Emphasize focus on the basket and not thinking twice with a defender closing out. Give it a try! Check out Mike's #FastModelTakeover Twitter Moment for an inside look at the life of a pro skills trainer and some awesome player development content! See More

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Basketball Play - Blind Shooting

Blind Shooting

null null 08/17/2018

This is a shooting drill I started using this summer that adds decision-making for the player and holds them accountable to to be shot ready at all times. The pace of the game is always changing where players have to make quick decisions when receiving the basketball. Coaches can't stand when the ball "sticks" and there is a lack of movement. Players have to develop these reactionary skills in order to be one step ahead of the defense when receiving the ball that will not just benefit the player, but the team. Adding in "commands" where players have to process information during drills is an element that I feel will take skill development to a another level. View: Mike Shaughnessy #FastModelTakeover - Twitter Moment See More

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Basketball Play - Klay Thompson Shooting

Klay Thompson Shooting

null null 08/12/2018

Klay Thompson is arguably the best in the league at creating his own shot without the ball. He is able to constantly move and cut at different speeds and directions and stay efficient when creating catch and shoot opportunities, making him a true weapon for the Warriors. Here is a five-shot series to work on cutting with pace yet being "shot ready" when arriving to each spot on the floor. View: Mike Shaughnessy #FastModelTakeover - Twitter Moment See More

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Basketball Play - Curl/Pop/Fade Shooting Series

Curl/Pop/Fade Shooting Series

null null 08/06/2018

Drill to rep the 3 types of shots coming off a wide pin down screen. Goal is to make 3 in a row twice. Emphasis on game speed cuts, but breaking down just before the catch into a smooth jump shot on balance. On the FMS Blog: Scoring Made Simple - 3 Shots to Practice for Increased Scoring See More

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Basketball Play - Maverick Shooting

Maverick Shooting

null null 07/27/2018

Drill to work on multiple game like shots from spots players will take them in games. Players will work on shooting 3's, pull-ups and side steps. Note: Dotted line represents a shot in these diagrams. On the FMS Blog: Ball Handling Skills and Drills Dynamic Drills That Utilize Cones Scoring Made Simple: 3 Shots to Practice Click for more #PlayerDevelopment content! See More

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