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Basketball Play - Circle


Alan Peel 04/09/2014

This is a secondary break play that was presented by Bob Hoffman, head coach at Mercer University. The presentation was made at the 2014 NABC Convention in Dallas. For more, check out the website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Twirl Up

Twirl Up

Dana Beszczynski 10/01/2013

This is a set play we used with success in our first season. It has multiple scoring options and a lot of movement. If the timing is good, the defense has to make split second decisions which can lead to easy points either on the paint or on the perimeter. See More

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Basketball Play - Blind Hit

Blind Hit

Adam Spinella 07/18/2013

Blind Hit is a very quick backdoor option run by current UTEP and former USC Men's Basketball Coach Tim Floyd. Whether a defense is over-pressuring or caught napping, this is an effective backdoor option to get your guard a layup or dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

Kevin Bruinsma 05/31/2013

Here is the best stuff from the San Antonio Spurs in their 4-0 series sweep over the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals. There are quite a few plays as I wanted to be able to give you the Spurs playbook of their most successful actions and offensive sets. To best enjoy and learn from these play diagrams I recommend that you watch the video which is linked below as all of the diagrams are listed in order with the video clips. See More

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