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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - 3/1 Middle PNR

Cleveland Cavaliers - 3/1 Middle PNR

Austin Anderson 05/15/2018

Cleveland is at its best when LeBron James creates opportunities for others. Simple actions such as the 3/1 middle pick and roll create opportunities for James (3) to attack downhill. With the personnel Cleveland has, shooters are spaced for kick outs, and Tristan Thompson (5) is put in position for lob opportunities off dribble penetration. NBA Finals Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers See More

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Basketball Play - South Korea (W) - UCLA Rip

South Korea (W) - UCLA Rip

Ryan Nguyen 07/28/2017

UCLA Offense from South Korea that they've been running at FIBA Asia Cup Women 2017. Rather than passing the ball to 3 on the wing to initiate the UCLA entry, 4 sets a ball-screen for 1. As 1 comes off the screen, 3 loops to the basket and pops for a catch from 1. On 4's catch, 5 sets a weak-side flare screen for 2. 5 then pops out for a catch from 4. 3 sets a rip screen for 4. 5 looks to lob to 4 cutting to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Zone Sets: Banger

Zone Sets: Banger

Doug Brotherton 06/19/2017

This play was #5 on the most downloaded plays of 2018! Check out the full list and download the playbook: The Top 25 Plays of 2018 "Banger" is a zone set, which is designed to get a lob, but also has a screen-the-screener option. It also allows the point guard to be the decision maker, which is a positive for most teams. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky - Iverson Chase

Kentucky - Iverson Chase

Doug Brotherton 03/26/2017

Kentucky ran this set in their Elite 8 match-up with North Carolina. The set is well designed, as it creates an advantage in the wing pick and roll. The 4 fills to the top, in the case that the opponent tries to ice or trap the ball screen. A quick pass to 4, allows for the lob to 5. If they do not do those things, then 2 should turn the corner, looking to make a play. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

Randy Sherman 03/13/2017

This is the base action of the UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break. It begins with a rebound and wide outlet pass. Post makes hard RIM RUN! On ball reversal through the trailer, the wing goes over the block to backscreen for trailer. If ball is not in the the air for lob, cross screen and look to enter to 5 or run your termination offense. The video shows some counters for the break and a step out three by the back-screener! For more one UNC Secondary Break click here. See More

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