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Basketball Play - Maryland Terps SLOB vs M2M

Maryland Terps SLOB vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 11/14/2012

This BLOB comes from the game between the Maryland Terrapins and Kentucky Wildcats. 5 & 4 move into a stagger screen position for 1. 1 breaks off his cut between 5 & 4 and re-fills to the top as a safety. As 1 is coming between 5 & 4, 2 begins his cut trying to run his defender into the defender from 1 and takes the stagger screens set by 5 & 4 to receive a pass in the corner for the three pointer. Easy to run and effective. See More

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Basketball Play - Williams-HandOff


Kyle Brown 10/29/2012

A blob action from Williams coach Mike Maker. His team does a great job of getting the inbounder shots off of action like this. The key is to have your second cutter seek out the inbounders defender on the tight curl and almost set a "moving screen" so that the man defending the cutter doesnt realize its a screen. See More

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