3FTC Chaos Offense Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This drill will help instill Communication with your Offensive players. Get two groups of 5 on the same end and run your motion offense. Each group has a ball. You can't pass back to the player who passes to you. Do Not Allow a Shot.You can make it a competition to (1) first to 20 passes or (2) a set time. This drill forces your players to communicate while working on your offensive system. 

  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Chaos Offense Drill

What you need:

2 teams of 5 players each

2 basketballs

2 counters


This Drill teaches your Team to focus and prepare for distruption by having to concentrate on the task. Use your Offensive system.



No Shots - This is about movement, ball and player

Can't pass to the same player you just received pass from

Counter (Mgr) counts passes.



1st team to 20 passes or most passes in 1 minute