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Published 06/23/2015 by Randy Sherman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

BLOB out of a box set

Teaching points:

5 must get wide to set arc screen for 2

3 must time their cut with the entry. Don't cut too soon!

4 sets pin screen for inbounder then looks to bury their man and posts up

Team is set to run offense on entry...no "set it up" needed.

  • Basketball Play - Odd
  • Basketball Play - Odd
  • Box set

    5 pivots on outside foot, gets width and sets a screen for 2 (arc screen)


    2 sets up cut and uses screen.

    5 looks to slip any switch or hard hedge

    3 cuts to get open for ball reversal

    4 screens for 1 coming inbounds

  • 2 can reverse to 3 who swings to 1 coming off pin screen


    Team is now set up to go into offense.