EOG/EOQ Need 3 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a last second play that can also be used at the end of quarters in high school.  One of our opponents ran this BLOB to perfection against us a couple seasons ago.  We did not defend the action very well and gave up the open shot in the corner to lose by one point. 

  • Basketball Play - EOG/EOQ Need 3
  • Basketball Play - EOG/EOQ Need 3
  • 1 comes off the triple stack to receive the inbounds pass at the low wing/corner from 3.

  • 1 dribbles toward the top of the key while 2 and 5 move to middle of the lane to set staggered screen 3. As soon as 3 clears 2, 2 curls around 4's screen to the corner.


    1st Option: 1 passes to 3 for the shot near the top of the key, coming off the double staggered screens from 2 and 5.


    2nd Option: 1 reverse pivots and passes to 2 in the corner for the shot, coming off the screen from 4.