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About This Play/Drill

Late game situations are becoming more important as the talent gap in all levels get closer.  Here is a set that we used when I was at Pinecrest that allowed us to bring our shooter from the weak side to the strong side as the defense defended the drive.  You can easily put your number 1 scoring option in the 3 spot as an adjustment.

  • Basketball Play - Jet
  • Basketball Play - Jet
  • The original alignment is a 4-out set.


    1. (1) passes the ball to (2) on the wing.


    2. (1) then makes a basket cut through the lane.


    3. (5) sprints out to set a ball screen for the (2) on the wing.

  • 4. (2) rejects the ball screen and drives baseline like looking to attack the block.


    5. Just as that is happening (4) and (5) sprint to the respective elbows looking to set a staggered/double screen for (3).


    6. (3) sprints to the ball side wing off the screens set by (4) and (5) and looks to shoot the jump shot.