Ohio Bobcats - Through Ghost - FastModel Sports

Published 03/22/2021 by Matt Wheeler Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Ohio Bobcats ran this play to get Jason Preston (2) an open lane to attack the rim. 1 & 5 clear to the left side of the court. 4 also clears to the left after setting a ghost screen for 2. This opens up the right side for 2 to attack the rim or hit 3 in the corner if x3 decides to help.

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  • Basketball Play - Ohio Bobcats - Through Ghost
  • Basketball Play - Ohio Bobcats - Through Ghost
  • 1 dribbles up the court and passes to 4.

    2 cuts to the wing to receive the pass from 4.

  • 1 cuts to the strongside corner.

    5 cuts across the lane.

    2 drives middle off the ghost screen from 2.