Horns Ram (ATO) - FastModel Sports

Published 04/10/2020 by Diccon Lloyd-Smeath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Great play out of a Horns set by Hapoel Jerusalem Head Coach Oded Kattash. The play is designed to get a PNR with 2 & 5 but with 4 setting a RAM screen to loosen 5's defender first.

  • Basketball Play - Horns Ram (ATO)
  • Basketball Play - Horns Ram (ATO)
  • Basketball Play - Horns Ram (ATO)
  • Play starts with 4 popping to receive the pass from 1.3 clears the strong side corner. 2 straight cuts off a down screen from 5. 1 cuts past 4 but doesn't take the GET and fills the strong side corner.

  • 4 passes to 2, then screens for 5.

  • 5 receives screen from 4 and accelerates to set a ball-screen for 2. 4 lifts out to the slot.