QH - PNR High - FastModel Sports

Published 11/20/2019 by Keith MacPherson Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This play is a simple PNR to be used against denial defense. The high PNR, as well as the secondary back screen open up the middle and force the weak side wing player to decide between defending the layup and leaving their check unguarded or staying with their check and giving up an easy two.

Ideally, this play should have a finisher in the 2 spot and a shooter in the 3, as well as the best screener in the 5 spot. The play can obviously be run on either side, but playing to the strengths of your players is always to your advantage. On the women's team where we run this play, our 3 has a great baseline shot, so this is the ideal setup for us.

Good screens will make this play successful...as long as you don't use it too often. Teach your team to focus on sprinting to the screens and running off them properly to create better separation and you will find yourself getting wide open shots on a regular basis.


  • Basketball Play - QH - PNR High
  • Basketball Play - QH - PNR High
  • 1 picks a strong side (here left)

    5 pops up for PNR

    1 drives middle

    4 fakes low and sets back screen for 2

    3 drops to corner

  • If there is no help, 1 can drive to net

    If help comes from x3, 3 is open in corner

    1 looks for 2 open off back screen

    1 looks for 5 open off PNR switch

    4 heads to top for safety