Three Second Deny - FastModel Sports

Published 11/30/2018 by Randy Sherman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Defensive drill for denial one pass away #PressureManTips

  • Basketball Play - Three Second Deny
  • Basketball Play - Three Second Deny
  • X1 in baseline push on-the-ball stance to the baseline checkpoint


    1 passes the ball to the passer (P) and X1 jumps the the ball to deny. 1 try to get open at the wing in less than 3 seconds. 1v1 on any catch with 0:05 shot clock on the catch.


    The defensive player has to deny hard to prevent the return pass to the right wing for three seconds...

  • ...After 3 seconds the passer changes it to the other passer.


    1 will cut and the defensive player will deny him/her also on the other side for at least 3 seconds.


    If the offensive player gets the ball early he/she will play 1v1 with 0:05 shot clock.