Pitch Mix Blur - FastModel Sports

Published 10/31/2018 by Randy Sherman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

"Pitch Mix Blur" - using misdirection and passing against the grain to open gap space for drives. This is one of many such sets and concepts in our latest playbook - Double Gap Playbook. This playbook, and many past and future playbooks, are available to Bronze Medal Coaches and up in our RAMP program.

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  • Basketball Play - Pitch Mix Blur
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Mix Blur
  • 1 pitches to 4 then replaces

    4 stretches with one or two more dribbles then throws back (MIX) to 1

  • 4 makes 45º Cut/blur to far corner

    1 attacks gap

    3 bumps up