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About This Play/Drill

Solid action to get the defense moving early in the shot clock before setting up a spread ball screen. 

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  • Basketball Play - Iowa - Weave Ball Screen Action
  • Basketball Play - Iowa - Weave Ball Screen Action
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    1. Players 1, 2 and 3 perform a dribble weave on perimeter until player 2 receives basketball.

    - This is a great way to get players moving and sharing the ball forcing the defense to guard the weave before adjusting into their ball screen coverage.


    2. As player 2 receives the basketball, player 4 will set a cross screen for player 5.

    - The cross screen by player 4 is great action prior to a ball screen being set to create separation between the screener and their defender or forcing a switch.

  • Play Description Frame 2


    3. Once player 4 sets the cross screen, player 5 is sprinting into an angle ball screen in the slot for player 2.

    - Setting ball screens on an angle (45 degrees) is a concept used to help get the ball handler downhill before the level of the screen.


    4. Player 2 will use the ball screen with player 5 rolling hard to the basket.


    5. Player 3 will shake/lift to wing as players 1 and 4 are spaced on the weak side.