Transition Drive & Drift Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This drill simulates the ball being passed ahead in transition and getting downhill with the drive.


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  • Basketball Play - Transition Drive & Drift Shooting

Player 1 will pass to Coach and start to sprint towards the wing.


Coach will pass ahead to 1 working on being shot ready.


On the other side, 2 is sprinting to the corner once 1 has passed to the Coach.


After catch, 1 uses either a shot fake to get downhill or immediately rips through. 1 drives downhill and makes a drift pass (Nash pass) to 2 in opposite corner for catch and shoot 3.


2 rebounds their own shot and goes to end of the line behind 4. 1 goes to opposite line behind 3.


Go for a set number of makes as a team before switching to the other side.