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About This Play/Drill

The Philadelphia 76ers were down 2 with 1.7 seconds left in Game 3 of their playoff series with the Boston Celtics and needed to get a shot off in a catch and shoot situation. The Sixers were able to get a look for their first option in this play with Bellinelli (3) cutting to the corner to receive the pass from Ben Simmons (1) and send the game into overtime. With no timeouts left in the game, Philadelphia embedded secondary options into the play with Joel Embid (5) screening for J.J. Redick (2) at the rim. 5 seals his defender after the screen to get an opportunity at the basket. 2 cuts off the screen up top for the final option in the play.

A Lesson in Late Game Situations: Celtics-Sixers Game 3

  • Basketball Play - Philadelphia 76ers - EOG Corner SLOB

3 cuts around 5 and off the screen from 4 toward corner.

1 passes to 3 for the shot.

Secondary options:

5 screens for 2 to open up lob at rim or jumper at top of key.