Zalgiris Kaunas - 35 Horns Into Spain - FastModel Sports

Published 04/28/2018 by Sergey Tkachenko Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This set looks like a classic Spain PNR in stack position, but this set starts from Horns formation. And now the defense cannot switch between smalls, as is common with many European teams to defend Spain PNR (when x3 takes 1 driving, and x1 takes 3 popping to 3pt line). Here x3 must guard 5 at elbow and cannot help on 1 driving to the basket.

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  • Basketball Play - Zalgiris Kaunas - 35 Horns Into Spain

Horns alignment with 3 at elbow instead of 4.

3 dives to rim as 1 dribbles off 5's ball screen.

3 turns and sets back screen on x5 (Spain action).

5 rolls and 3 pops.

1 can hit either option depending on the defense.