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About This Play/Drill

The 1998 Chicago Bulls ran this Baseline Out of Bounds play, particularly in the 1998 Playoffs against the Charlotte Hornets. The design was to get Pippen the ball on the block with shooters in Jordan and Kerr around him in the Triangle. Pippen is the first screener, then gets a screen set for him by Rodman in a "screen the screener" action.

  • Basketball Play - 98 Bulls Low
  • Basketball Play - 98 Bulls Low
  • 3 (Burrell) inbounds the ball. Jordan (2) cuts across a staggered screen to the opposite corner. Kerr (1) follows up top to the ball-side wing.
  • After the stagger down low, Rodman (5) sets a post cross screen for the first screener Pippen (4). Pippen gets the inbounds from Burrell and isolates on the wing. This works for the Bulls since they can form a triangle with Pippen, Jordan and Kerr.