SoB (2 plays) - FastModel Sports

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  • Basketball Play - SoB (2 plays)

In Play 1 SOB

2 is your inbounder

5 steps up to screen for 3 who cuts first to the ball side corner looking for a quick pass

1 sets a back screen for 4 looking for the lob at the rim


4 & 3 screen simultaneously for 1 & 2 (5 has the option to hit either one if they are open)

4 screens across for 3 who comes to the ball and receives the pass

3 swings the ball to 4 as 1 is cross screening in the lane for 2 who comes off the screen looking to catch & shoot

1 continues across the lane and screens 5 who dives hard to the ball side post looking for a pass from 2 if no shot was taken


Play 1 SOB is a regular set action

Play 2 SOB 5 is a play from 1/2 court with less than .4 remaining in a half or quarter