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Published 04/12/2013 by Scott Creighton Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Louisville ran this play throughout the tournament, but executed it to perfection in the second half of the NCAA Championship vs. Michigan.  Siva takes advantage of a great back screen by Dieng and Hancock delivers the perfect lob.  Even though it it shown in transition phase here, it can also be effective if run from a 1-4 high or box set.

  • Basketball Play - Louisville Lob
  • Basketball Play - Louisville Lob
  • This play starts out simple enough from the end of their transition. 1 passes across to 3. 2 begins to cut through the paint toward the ball side. In actuality, this is to clear out the back side for what is about to transpire.

  • 5 now sets a back screen for 1 (MAIN OPTION) who is looking for the lob pass from 3. If 1 is not open, 2 continues to come off of a screen by 4 and 3 hits them for a shot on the wing.