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About This Play/Drill

Kansas finished off a run with this SLOB play in their sweet sixteen game against Purdue.  1 makes a zipper cut to receive the inbounds pass from 4.  4 makes an Iverson cut off of screens from 3 & 5.  Once x4 curls over the top of 5, x5 has to provide help at the rim.  In this play he didn't and 4 was able to get the lob dunk.  Another key is 1 selling the Iverson cut for 4 by following him with the dribble.  1 cuts back before the cut to the rim to set up a better passing angle.

  • Basketball Play - Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob
  • Basketball Play - Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob
  • 1 makes a zipper cut off of the screen from 3.

    2 cuts to the corner.

    4 passes to 1.

  • 4 makes an Iverson cut over screens from 3 & 5.

    1 follows 4 with the dribble then cuts back for a better passing angle before 4 curls around 5.

    1 makes a lob pass to 4 at the rim.