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About This Play/Drill

Head Coach Jamie Dixon of Pittsburg has built a consistent winner.  This season they're 17-2 and 12-0 at home where the Panthers during Dixon's tenure have been nearly unbeatable.

This Secondary Action is just one example of the great tactician Dixon is as it incorporates a lot of movement, use of screens and relies on the players to read the defense in order to take good shots.

The Panthers have moved into the ACC this season and so far, have maintained the level of success they've become use to.

  • Basketball Play - Pittsburg Secondary Offense
  • Basketball Play - Pittsburg Secondary Offense
  • Basketball Play - Pittsburg Secondary Offense
  • 1 (Robinson - 0) passes to 4 (Young - 2) and cuts down the lane line as if to set a screen


    2 (Patterson - 21) cuts under the post on the PG cut


    4 (Young - 2) passes to 3 (Wright - 3) on the wing and down screens for 1 (Robinson - 0) who pops back to the top of the key


    5 (Zanna - 42) screens x2 in the paint on the pass to the wing looking to free up 2 (Patterson - 21) on the weak side - after screening, the post releases to the ball side for a possible entry pass

  • Pittsburg Secondary Offense vs M2M


    3 (Wright - 3) reverses the ball to 1 (Robinson - 0) who throws the ball immediately to the wing for 2 (Patterson - 21) coming off a screen by 4 (Young - 2)

  • 3 (Wright - 3) runs off a baseline double low screen set by 5 (Zanna - 42) & 4 (Young - 2)


    2 (Patterson - 21) when he doesn't shoot coming off the down screen and look to throw to the corner for the 3 pt shot


    5 (Zanna - 42) moves up the lane line to set a flare screen for 1 (Robinson - 0) for the possible skip pass - Zanna then slips to the basket for a possible pass


    *This is a well designed multiple option set with a lot of movement and takes full advantage of the screening actions