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About This Play/Drill

The USA Women's team ran this play to open the second half in their quarterfinal game against Japan.  With the score relatively close at the half, they wanted to get the ball inside to help establish a post presence.   When 3 cuts off of 4 at the high post, she has the option to get the handoff and take it in for a layup.  If the defense takes that away and no handoff is available, 3 continues across the lane to set a cross screen for 5 to free them up for the post entry pass.

  • Basketball Play - USA W - Pinch Post Cross
  • Basketball Play - USA W - Pinch Post Cross
  • 1 passes to 2 and cuts to the ball side corner.

    3 cuts up top to receive the pass from 2.

    On the pass, 4 flashes to the elbow.

  • 3 passes to 4 and follows looking for a handoff.

    3 sets a cross screen for 5.

    4 looks for 5 in the post.

    1 & 2 exchange to occupy the help defense.