Fist Up Short vs. Blitz / Hedge (Canada) - FastModel Sports

Published 04/26/2016 by Greg Youncofski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a very effective play against a team that will blitz/hedge out on the middle ballscreen. The ball-handler is not looking to beat his man off the screen, but instead is looking to hit the bottom big as quickly as possible. The ballscreener is looking to set the screen and then roll quickly to the basket to receive the big to big pass before his man can recover. Make sure one of your better passers is making the big to big pass.

  • Basketball Play - Fist Up Short vs. Blitz / Hedge (Canada)

- 1 comes off the ballscreen.


- Best passing big gets over to strong side.


- 1 hits big.


- Big to big pass before X4/5 can recover from blitz.