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About This Play/Drill

This is the standard middle pick-and-roll play that can be run to take advantage of a defense that likes to double team ball screens.

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  • Basketball Play - Go

#1 will dribble downhill and come off of #4's ball screen. #4 will roll to the basket and #5 will come to the elbow on the side opposite #1 (#5 can come to the three-point line if he has shooting range behind the arc).


Scoring Options:

1) #1 drives to the basket for the lay-up.

2) #1 shoots the three-pointer if his defender goes under.

3) #1 dumps the ball off to #4 on the roll if his man tries to trap the ball screen.

4) #1 kicks the ball out to #2 for the three-point shot if his man comes to help.

5) #1 passes back to #5 of #4's man tries to trap the ball screen and #4 is not open.