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Justin has worked within Australia’s High Performance pathway for the past 10 years, currently as Basketball Victoria’s High Performance Coach Country. He is also the lead assistant with the Australian U17 Mens team who were Silver medallists in 2014. He has coached at all levels of the sport in Australia and is know for his ability to nurture and develop young talent into elite athletes.

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Basketball Play - France U17 Men - Circle Motion

France U17 Men - Circle Motion

Justin Schueller 08/08/2016

With the Australian Boomers win over the French national team I thought I would put up my favorite play from the French U17 mens team. We played the French team in pre world competition losing to them by 1 point on a shot at the buzzer. This action which we called "cirlce motion" was very effective at allowing them to have multiple scoring options while being hard for us to negate defencively. I like the action to create uncontested threes and/or in situations you want some time off the clock before on ball play. See More

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Basketball Play - Spain U17 Men - Horns to Flex

Spain U17 Men - Horns to Flex

Justin Schueller 07/12/2016

One of the most common actions we faced at the recent FIBA U17 World Championship was Horns into Flex sets. Almost every nation we faced had their version of this. The ones drawn up today are by the Spain team who we faced in the quarter finals. I liked thier three seperate reads that they would generate out of the action, each look depending on what they needed at each stage of the game. Horns is still the most commonly used action in youth international play, but this campaign compared to the last saw a lot more flex action out of it. See More

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Basketball Play - Bosnia & Herzegovina U17 - Cross

Bosnia & Herzegovina U17 - Cross

Justin Schueller 07/06/2016

One of the harder actions to negate at the recent FIBA U17 World Championships was Bosnia & Herzegovina's cross screen, down screen into middle on ball action which they ran for thier leading player Dzanan Musa. The action allows multiple scoring opportunities for Musa while engaging weakside defenders and allowing the best chance for penetration to a score or kick out 3. We met Bosnia & Herzegovina in the round of 16 and spent a lot of time ensuring we could negate this action. As the game showed they were still able to create positive shots out of this action, even against a heavy scout. See More

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Basketball Play - Split Post Reads

Split Post Reads

Justin Schueller 06/09/2016

Within the system that I have been evolving over time, I realized the importance to have strong post action but also to have variation in what occurs off the post catch. We teach this action in various levels from U12s in Country Victoria through to our Junior National teams. With this idea, we now teach two actions relative to where the ball is caught, which i term "post zone". the catch being In the post zone or out of the post zone. In all of our teaching we have a strong emphasis of if it is 1 v 1 its on you to score, if you see 2 you must pass the ball, this is the same for our post players and a reason for having multiple cutters off the weakside. Australian basketball has followed the late clock philosophy of Europe with late penetration, out of post play we like to finish with either on balls on the seem or middle on ball, depending what post zone the ball was caught in. See More

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