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Marc Hart - Owner of System Basketball
Coaching High School since 1996, been a Varsity Head or Assistant Coach since 2001
Coach Hart is known for his content on Dribble Drive Motion Offense (DDM), 5 out Offense, 1-1-3 Match up Zone and 2-2-1 Walberg Press
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Basketball Play - 1v1 Slot

1v1 Slot

Marc Hart 10/12/2023

1v1 Slot works on the shoot or drive decision. I am a dribble drive motion offense coach so we worked on driving the slot, then our stride stops. We then turned into a small sided game by the passer closing out. Score it, put players on teams, but make it competitve: first player to 3 wins or seperate them into two teams and team with most points wins after certain amount of time or point score. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Pin Ghost

Zipper Pin Ghost

Marc Hart 10/06/2023

Zipper Series - Pin Ghost This set creates a gap to get a downhill attack that flows in the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Want to learn the Zipper Series with counters and quick hitters? Check out the clinic I did on Zipper Series: See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Ball 3-Point Team Shooting Drill

4 Ball 3-Point Team Shooting Drill

Marc Hart 09/28/2023

Do you have limited gym space? Here is a good drill to get a lot of reps and involves communication and time and score to accomplish as a team. 4 balls, 4 lines 7 minutes on the clock - we start at 50 makes then as the season goes we increase as we get better at the drill and our shooting Shoot the ball, rebound your shot, pass to line you shot from, and rotate See More

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