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Basketball Play - Zipper Again

Zipper Again

Daniel Murphy 01/17/2014

Play run by Michigan State in their OT thriller vs. Ohio State. This can also be run as a SOB. The more I look at screening and cutting offensively, the more I realize the importance of setting up screens and cuts, and reading screens and cuts. Defensively, sound principles of fighting through screens, stunting to the ball on pindowns, maintaining vision of ball and man and foot faking and recovering in disadvantage situations can not be overemphasized. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Fist Down Pin

Spurs Fist Down Pin

Daniel Murphy 01/15/2014

Up 11 with 1:20 left there were 8 seconds left on the shot clock. The Spurs ran this middle ball screen in their game vs. Memphis. The pin down on the strong side keeps the defense occupied. A hard hedge in the middle of the floor opens up the corner 3 because x3 has to pull in to help on 5's roll. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Crunch SOB

Spurs Crunch SOB

Daniel Murphy 01/08/2014

Down 3 to the Knicks with 37 seconds left, Coach Pop drew this slob play up to get the hot hand, Belinelli, a great look at a 3 to tie the game. Although the concept of the play is great, screening a man into a screen, the Spurs really executed, setting up their cuts and low wide physical screens. See More

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Basketball Play - 76er's 4 Across Game Winner

76er's 4 Across Game Winner

Daniel Murphy 12/30/2013

Game winning play drawn up by Philadelphia 76er's in their win over the Brooklyn Nets. Evan Turner was the 2 in this situation. 5's man has to be careful to not get too close to 5 as 5 pops to the elbow, or 5 could back cut to the basket. Giving a cushion allows the ball to be inbounded. 4-2 screen is tough to switch, as is 5-2 dribble hand off. See More

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