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Basketball Play - SLOB Plays: Flare Punch STS

SLOB Plays: Flare Punch STS

Doug Brotherton 06/11/2017

A lot of NBA teams use the "Zipper Cut" to get the ball inbounded. It is a simple pin down, which allows the guard to sprint to the ball. This is a misdirection counter. The post slips the pin down, to receive the inbounds pass. A flare screen allows for a skip pass, which leads into a screen-the-screener action. This set allows a team to use their best shooter to cross screen for the post, before sprinting through an elevator screen. See More

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Basketball Play - LA Clippers - Stagger Pistol

LA Clippers - Stagger Pistol

Doug Brotherton 05/29/2017

This is my favorite BLOB of the 2017 NBA season. It begins with a double stagger, to get a catch. After the catch, the Clippers throw to 5, to initiate a "Pistol" action. The 5 does a dribble hand-off, followed by a down screen, and run to the rim. The 1 can turn the corner, throw back to the shooter behind the drive, or look for the 5 on the lob. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavs - Stagger Back

Cleveland Cavs - Stagger Back

Doug Brotherton 05/29/2017

This BLOB has resulted in multiple big shots for the Cleveland Cavs. They ran it for a Kyrie Irving three pointer, in the 2016 NBA Playoffs against Detroit. They also ran it, as an ATO, in the 2017 NBA Playoffs for a game clinching lay-up. The stack formation makes it especially difficult to guard, as the defense can not pre-switch any of the actions. See More

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