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About This Play/Drill

Belmont won their First Four game, and leads Maryland in their first round game at halftime. Down the stretch of the First Four win, Coach Rick Byrd went to his "popped" series. This is the base set of the series. Belmont will run countless counters out of this set. Belmont is one of the popular sleepers to make a run. Maryland will need to be on the look out for the "popped" series, if they want to avoid the first round upset.


NCAA Tournament: Viewing Guide by Style of Play

  • Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - "Popped"
  • Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - "Popped"
  • 4 screens for 3

    3 out cuts

    1 pass to 3

  • 5 sprints to the dunk spot

    1 spaces away

    4 wing ball screen for 3