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Basketball Play - 2v2 Choke

2v2 Choke

Randy Sherman 01/25/2019

2v2 Choke is a #PackLine Drill to teach team post defense. "Choking the post" by the guard and "walling up" by the post defender combine in an effort to get the ball out of the post box. By choking the guard reduces the space the post has to make a move. See video below for game application of this drll ft. the Virginia Cavaliers (NCAA). Check out more Pack Line defense tips and drills in these blog posts: Lock and Trail Technique On to Off Rotations Defending the Post See More

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Basketball Play - X-Action (Nail Iso)

X-Action (Nail Iso)

Randy Sherman 01/25/2019

NAIL ISO is a concept stemming from the NAIL entry of X-Action. If the nail player (who can be anybody; does not have to be your Center) does not deliver either handoff from X-Action, face up and look to go 1v1 with the cutting and filling ongoing. Get the complete X-Action Playbook! See More

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Basketball Play - 3v3 On-To-Off

3v3 On-To-Off

Randy Sherman 01/10/2019

In 3v3 On-To-Off the defense is working on moving on airtime of the pass. Players must move on and off the ball to pressure the ball and shrink gaps with urgency. When all three offensive players have touched the ball once the drill is 3v3 live. Check out the GIF below for game application of the drill ft. the Virginia Cavaliers! #PackLine Blog Posts: On to Off Rotations Lock and Trail Technique See More

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