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Basketball Play - Finland Post 78

Finland Post 78

Dana Beszczynski 10/02/2013

Henrik Dettman was serving his second stint as Team Finland Head Coach and his team beat Greece, Russia and Turkey at this year's European Championship in Slovenia. Finland ran this to isolate their naturalized American Lee in the post and with a play ending backscreen, if the defense looks to double, the man is open on the weak side for a wide open lay-up See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger to Post Action

Stagger to Post Action

Dana Beszczynski 09/29/2013

Lithuania Coach Kazlauskas has a lot of experence in Europe and his offesive schemes incorporate a lot of ball movement and screening actions. Here is a tremendous set play run against France in the European Championship Final designed to isolate their strong 3 man, but when the play breaks down, the flat screen is used to isolate the PG for either a shot or penetration See More

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Basketball Play - France Transition Curl

France Transition Curl

Dana Beszczynski 09/07/2013

France ran a number of sets in their Championship Game match-up against Lithuania looking to isolate Diaw in the post. This was a nice set run with a twist as the 5 man sets a timed screen-the-screener action on 2 who reading the defense curls into the lane for a short pull-up jumper. France played so well together and got contributions from everyone in their Offense during their Championship run. See More

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Basketball Play - Sideline Omaha

Sideline Omaha

NHSBCA NHSBCA 11/26/2012

1 screens for 2 to receive inbounds pass. 2 passes to 1 shaping up as 4 screens down for 3. 1 hits 3 on wing for shot. If 3 doesn't have the shot, 4 lane screens for 5 and 1 flare screens for 2. 3 can hit 2 for the shot. If the flare is not open, 3 looks to feed 5 in the post. 5 sets a side ball screen for 3. 3 can reject the screen and attack baseline (4 spaces to weak side corner) or use the screen (4 circles to ball side corner) and look for the roll or a shooter circling right. See More

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