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Published 08/29/2012 by Rich Czeslawski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The latest play in the IBCA Playbook is from Geneseo High School coach Brad Storm. Use this 1-4 high quick hitter against teams that switch lane screens.

  • Basketball Play - Switch
  • Basketball Play - Switch
  • 1 enters the ball to 2 on the wing. 4 and 5 drop to low blocks.

  • If 2 can't feed 5 in the post, 5 screens for 4. 4 starts to cut below the screen, then flashes to the high post forcing the switch. 5 turns and seals the new defender. 2 looks to pass the ball as 5 is spinning on the seal. if both defenders help low, 2 hits 4 in the high post for a shot or high-low opportunity.