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Basketball Play - Elevator Screen Action

Elevator Screen Action

Matt Wheeler 11/02/2017

Just like in other actions, the positions don't matter as much as putting players with the right skill set in those positions. Most of the time the 1, 2, and 3 positions become interchangeable with the 4 & 5 usually setting the elevator screen. The elevator action happens when a player cuts between two screeners. Once they get through, the screeners close together (like elevator doors) to form a wall where the defender can't get through, which frees them for a shot. 1 must be a good passer to deliver the ball to the shooter. 2 needs to be a good shooter - this action should get them open for a shot. 3 can set additional screens, create misdirection or provide spacing. 4 & 5 are your screeners, typically they are your bigger players, and will close the door on the screen after 2 cuts through Blog Post: Offensive Action Breakdown - Elevator Screens See More

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Basketball Play - Denver Nuggets - Corner OOB Elevator

Denver Nuggets - Corner OOB Elevator

Matt Wheeler 04/29/2019

Inbounding the ball from the corner can be a difficult situation. The Nuggets started this play with good spacing to make sure they got the ball in. Once 1 got the pass they ran a decoy action with 3 cutting across screens from 5 and 4 to shift the defense. 1 then dribbled back to the original side to pass the ball to 2, cutting through the elevator screen for a shot. Blog Post: What's Your Basketball Genre? See More

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Basketball Play - Texas Tech Red Raiders - Motion Sample: Kitchen Sink

Texas Tech Red Raiders - Motion Sample: Kitchen Sink

Dave Nedbalek 04/08/2019

This is a sample of the Texas Tech true motion offense. This is not a set play but a picture of the sequences of actions you will have to guard when facing them. In one possession you have to guard: a drag screen, flare screen, slipped step-up screen, a pick & pop, and one last flare screen by the 5 to empty the paint. The spacing struggles at times but they force you into uncommon situations and actions that it presents the opportunity for miscommunication and scoring opportunities. Blog Posts: Texas Tech Defense Puts Opponents on Red Alert National Championship Game Preview: Texas Tech XsOs See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Elevator Decoy

Virginia Cavaliers - Elevator Decoy

Doug Brotherton 04/07/2019

This set is my favorite of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Virginia ran the elevator set out of a box formation. As Auburn thought it had guarded it well, Virginia built in a counter with a screen for a throwback on the baseline drive. This resulted in a wide open 3 in the Final Four, and Virginia went on to play in the National Championship game. Blog Post: Virginia's Elite Efficiency on Both Sides of the Ball See More

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Basketball Play - Los Angeles Lakers - Fake PNR Double Off Ball Screen

Los Angeles Lakers - Fake PNR Double Off Ball Screen

Matt Barnthouse 12/19/2018

This is a play that has many moving parts, and is great for a team that loves setting screens. The Lakers used this to get an open look for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. It starts with what looks like a basic pick and roll with LeBron James and Tyson Chandler. Then, Chandler turns his roll into an elevator screen for Caldwell-Pope, who then executes a give-and-go with James into an off-ball screen and flare screen that opens up a 3pt opportunity on the catch. For this to work, you need guards and forwards willing to sacrifice their bodies to make plays. It pays off, even if the spacing can get wonky at times. Also as a note: you don't necessarily need a "LeBron James" to make this play work. The 1 and the 3 are easily interchangeable. James just happened to be playing the 3 when he was the ball-handler on this play. Click for more plays and drills from Matt Barnthouse! See More

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Basketball Play - Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

FastModel Sports 11/18/2018

The most downloaded plays of the year, conveniently put together in one playbook, just for you. Download to FastDraw using the button above, or grab the PDF here. Check out this blog post for more details on the individual plays! Shout out to #TeamFastModel for its contributions in making this playbook and the PlayBank an amazing resource for basketball coaches! Thanks for your support in 2018! See More

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