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Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls "Zipper Backdoor"

Chicago Bulls "Zipper Backdoor"

Gibson Pyper 02/04/2016

This is exactly like the action the San Antonio Spurs run. Because the Chicago Bulls like to post up Pau Gasol and he is an excellent passer, this set works well. Typically designed after a time out, Butler cuts off Gasol who receives the pass in the post. Giving Butler time to clear the cut is key, so the timing of the lob/backdoor cut can be perfect. See More

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Basketball Play - SFA Hand-Off Option

SFA Hand-Off Option

Wes Kosel 07/27/2015

1 passes to 4 then cuts off of a back-screen from 5. 4 gives the ball to 3 on a dribble hand-off. 3 looks to pass to 1 on the lob, but if that isn't open he continues his dribble towards the top of the key. 2 sets a flare-screen for 5 who cuts to the right wing for a shot. If 5 doesn't have a shot, he looks to give the ball to 3 on a quick hand-off or can pass to 1 cutting up off of a double screen from 4 and 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Elbow Away"

Golden State Warriors "Elbow Away"

Gibson Pyper 06/01/2015

Steve Kerr has also used alot of action that the San Antonio Spurs have run with their Motion Strong/Weak and he runs nice options out of this for quick hitters. The first option is a rub screen for Draymond (look for them pointing or hitting their elbow's coming up the court to trigger this). They also run a quick pindown screen for Klay that they like to start each game with, as well as a lob set for Livingston. I think they will run the lob for Shaun Livingston as an entry or way to get him into the post, his matchup off the bench may be Matthew Dellevadova that he clearly will have a height advantage with. See More

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Basketball Play - Mercer Wing Cross

Mercer Wing Cross

Wes Kosel 05/19/2015

2 and 3 move in to screen down for 5 and 4 at the elbows. 5 and 4 pop out and 5 sets a ball-screen for 1 as he dribbles left. Once the screens are set, 2 and 3 cut out to the corners. 1 passes to 4 who passes to 2. 4 can also look inside to 5 making a cut to the rim. If 5 isn't open, 3 sets a back-screen for 4 who cuts to the basket. 2 looks to make the lob pass to 4 or passes to 3 for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Fist Up Fist Out

Houston Rockets Fist Up Fist Out

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

Even when the Rockets weren't punishing the Mavericks in round one with the Josh Smith-Dwight Howard pick and roll combination, they still found ways to take advantage of the defense and connect for lobs. This is a simple 1-4 high pick, with a throwback to Smith. He immediately goes into Side P/R action with James Harden, or DHO in this case. This is hard work for x4, Dirk, who shows hard on the DHO. Note the 1 and 3 switching spots on the weakside, which makes x1, JJ Barea, the low defender. As Harden hits Smith on the roll, x5 must pull over to stop the drive. JJ Barea is sitting on Howard's top leg like he is supposed to be, but that hardly matters. This is an easy Smith to Howard lob. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Elbow Get

Houston Rockets Elbow Get

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

Houston used this play multiple times in the 1st round series against the Dallas Mavericks. Josh Smith and Dwight Howard posed massive problems defensively for the Mavericks with this play. Dwight Howard slipped or rolled hard for multiple lobs, sealed x4 when the defense switched, and even sealed on a switch and then spun out again for a lob. Add in Josh Smith's ability to finish with his running left hook in the lane, and this play caused fits for the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Turn 4 Flare

Houston Rockets Turn 4 Flare

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

Houston used this play in the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks for a Josh Smith to Dwight Howard lob. This simple Turn 4 set gives Smith good positioning for a post up, and the flare option for Trevor Ariza is always available to keep the defense honest. A 4-5 pick and roll is a difficult enough play to defend, but moving the screen down to the block confuses the coverages even more than usual. In this play the defense commited to the pick and roll too soon, and Howard spun out of the pick for a lob pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Big-Big Drag

Houston Rockets Big-Big Drag

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

This is a very basic early offense option that Houston used against Dallas in the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs. The drag screen typically involves the point guard and one or both bigs, but here Josh Smith is the ballhandler and coming off of a screen from Dwight Howard to his strong left hand. The NBA 4 man is not used to defending the ballhandler in a P/R, and Howard rolls hard to the rim always looking for a lob, making this an extremely difficult cover for the defense. Shooters are spread in the corners to limit the ability of help defenders. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets "Elbow Get"

Houston Rockets "Elbow Get"

Gibson Pyper 05/07/2015

The Houston Rockets have hurt teams alot this postseason by utilizing their power forwards as Pick & Roll ballhandlers and forcing the opponents two big men to both defend the Pick & Roll. They have used Josh Smith & Terrance Jones to create easy buckets against both the Mavericks and now the Clippers. They opened up Game 2 with this set and scored multiple times against the Mavericks. The Atlanta Hawks also utilized this set against the Wizards, getting an easy lob. This set was made famous by the Phoenix Suns 7 Seconds or Less offense, naming it "Elbow Get" as they utilized Diaw & Shawn Marion to score off of it often. Rockets get the ball to the power forward at the elbow (or lane line extended) and have Dwight Howard set a ballscreen and roll to the rim. See More

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